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Art prints


Willow Ptarmigan
Observation : 20th July 2021 – 18:15. Gjesdal, Norway.
Original painting: watercolor from fieldsketch, 31 x 41 cm

Story of the image (extract)

« With a quiet and tired step, I enter a rocky vale with a gentle slope. A few feet away from me, a ptarmigan flies away. I dive to the ground to break my vertical silhouette in hope of seeing the bird land. I don’t move a millimeter. At the very last moment, this female stops on top of a rocky overhang a few tens of meter away from me. At this very moment, time comes to a halt. »


Art print on Arches paper, similar to the one I am painting on, made by a specialist studio here in Norway. High quality, lightfast pigments.

The quality of each print is checked by me. I write in pencil the date and place of the observation, as well as my signature.

Each print comes with the full story of the image, printed and signed.

Note that these prints are not numbered.

Price and availability

20 x 30 cm : 50 € + shipping cost
30 x 40 cm : 90 € + shipping cost
Other sizes and dimensions on request.

To order, write to me at
Payment by bank transfer or VIPPS (for Norwegian residents)