Watching Stories

The words hidden behind the images. Here you will find stories form the field, anecdotes, thoughts, the how of this sketch and the why of this watercolor.  Let’s write everything the image do not tell and that the words reveal.

At the doorstep

“Identification is only the front door to naturalism and I have the feeling of having remained at the doorstep. All my life, I’ve made lists. I identified, bird after bird, by the hundreds, by the thousands, learning along the way some facts about their biology. But what do I really know about the life of

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To the East

I live inbetween two worlds. To the west, the coast. The plains open to the horizon, the beaches, the fields and the lakes which welcome a whole diversity of birds which are easily observed from the road. One searches with excitement for the unexpected rarity. To the east, the mountains. The forests that close the

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Short circuit

To all appearances, these are just a few messy, abstract lines. The pencil rushed across the paper, scratching at the speed of the eye, leaving the conscience lagging behind. The image passed from the eye to the hand. The brain was short-circuited. I think we can talk about mindfulness and present moment when thoughts disappear

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In the category of ” Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cuttest of them all ?! “, I declare the Scandinavian Long-tailed Tit, winner! I specify “Scandinavian” because here it has a white head while in the rest of Europe it has a wide black eyebrow and is therefore a little less cute (but

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There’s a side of Norway I love: you take the boat like you take the bus and in an hour and a half, you go from your door step to a little lost corner at the bottom of a fjord, without having to take your car. The boat drops you at the foot of the

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Structured by the field

Earlier this year, I took a daytrip along some coastal lakes known for their avifauna. The sea on one side, and intensive agriculture on the other. The weather was only adding to this austerity, with a low cloud ceiling and a powerful freezing and unceasing south wind. Few things to observe on this lake turned

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Pale Blue Dot

Twenty-three years after launch from Earth, the Voyager 1 spacecraft reaches the boundaries of the Solar System. On February 14, 1990, six billion miles from us, it opened its cameras one last time for one final look back. Sixty images, sent pixel by pixel across space to be patiently collected on Earth. Then six planets appeared.

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On more step into delusion

When I am looking for some wilderness, I naturally gravitate towards old, mossy, humid forest. Sometime it doesn’t require much. A small patch close to a road can have been spared from any human activity for some decades. It can be enough to let the feeling of wilderness emerge. The one in this watercolor, is

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Chrono – logical

Time has this strange habit of passing as it pleases, varying according to circumstances. It’s 9:00 pm. In this small village lying at the end of a fjord, I shut the car door and start the climb. It’s already late. I hope to get there before the clouds… Midnight: I’m in my sleeping bag, lying

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