Watching Stories

The words hidden behind the images. Here you will find stories form the field, anecdotes, thoughts, the how of this sketch and the why of this watercolor.  Let’s write everything the image do not tell and that the words reveal.

Small picture of great value

Ten centimeters by fifteen that gather the intensity of a dazzling week. It’s July 12th, 2017. I’m discovering Svalbard as a beginner polar guide. A few days ago, me and my colleagues were squeezed at the bow of the boat scrutinising the horizon line at the end of this calm sea, materialised as a white

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A small meter of ice

What is happening before a Polar Bear sketch ? Well, a lot of time watching. From the boat, we spend hours, days, alone or in teams spotting the white. The white ? Big mistake. Pretty much nothing is white up there, and definitely not the snow. It is a blend of blues and greys, with an

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A game of patience

A game of patience : it is the definition of hides and a good summary of my previous week. The hide net stayed into place in the forest and I sneaked in as often as possible in order to enjoy this rare opportunity of watching Woodcocks close up rather than flying away. Each time it

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Chevreuil du soir - Norvège - 2020

In the corner of the eye

There is a part of instinct in some observation. I have spent the all day searching. With my naked eyes or my binocluars, going through every angles of these stony peatlands. No animal seems to be living here and yet, they are here. A few prints, a few droppings. And, it is so vast and

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Chouette hulotte- Norvège - 2020

The observed watcher

It is last Wednesday. I am going for two days in the mountains, the same mountains where a few weeks ago I discovered an elk. I want to see it again but after the first day : nothing ! I have wandered all around the area : not a single animal. Maybe everybody is sheltering

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Dear badgers

It is 8:00 pm, 27th of March 2020. Between two Black Bird calls I can even hear the sound of the claws in the fur when they scratch. The world has become silent, at last. Silence of all human activities. Our world is on pause. No cars on the roads, no planes in the sky.

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