Exploring, observing, drawing, painting, recounting a nature which I wish to be at its wildest.

Every image originates outside, in the field, in front of the subject. I draw what I see, as faithfully as possible, creating sketches and watercolours.

My purpose is to grasp a reality that is rich, ever-changing, beautiful and rare, with the simplest tools possible. With my naked eyes, through binoculars or scope, hiding or approaching an animal, a plant, a landscape, a light.

Each image want to be a reminder that wilderness still exists and that we need it much more than we think, both individually and collectively.


The texts behind the images

Open circle

« As soon as you see something,you already start to intellectualize it.As soon as you intellectualize something,it is no longer what you saw. » Shunryu SuzukiSeptember 8, 1967 As enigmatic and obscure this quote may seem, it is a very powerful description of the main predicament the drawer-from-observation is facing. He wants to paint his

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Sad necessity

« One death for one life, a fundamental principle of life on Earth. A sentence which can be delayed, which can give the illusion of being circumvented, but which, whatever form it takes, will always end up falling. It is the necessity imposed by a finite world, our planet, on which life has sought to fill

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Vodka season

It’s Christmas and New Year’s time, but I must admit that the most important date for me remains the Winter Solstice. It happens around December 21st, the date of entry into winter on our calendars, and corresponds to the shortest day and therefore the longest night of the year. From there, the days start to

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Still believing in spring

« […] Everything went silent, encapsulated in stillness, full of the absences. Winter has finally won. The days pass, the wait drags on, the snow thickens. Low hovering clouds are pouring down snow. One can hear the falling of snowflakes…

…and a cooing sound, distant, withdrawn, lost.

Alone at the top of a forest, a Black Grouse sings against all odds, against all reason, against all season. He is still believing in spring, but no one is listening. […] »

This is the print of a watercolor made from a field sketch in the spring of 2023, in search of grouses, somewhere in Sweden, in the heart of the biggest snow return of the last twenty-five years.