Exploring, observing, drawing, painting, recounting a nature which I wish to be at its wildest.

Every image originates outside, in the field, in front of the subject. I draw what I see, as faithfully as possible, creating sketches and watercolours.

My purpose is to grasp a reality that is rich, ever-changing, beautiful and rare, with the simplest tools possible. With my naked eyes, through binoculars or scope, hiding or approaching an animal, a plant, a landscape, a light.

Each image want to be a reminder that wilderness still exists and that we need it much more than we think, both individually and collectively.


Last stories published

At the doorstep

“Identification is only the front door to naturalism and I have the feeling of having remained at the doorstep. All my life, I’ve made lists. I identified, bird after bird, by the hundreds, by the thousands, learning along the way some facts about their biology. But what do I really know about the life of

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To the East

I live inbetween two worlds. To the west, the coast. The plains open to the horizon, the beaches, the fields and the lakes which welcome a whole diversity of birds which are easily observed from the road. One searches with excitement for the unexpected rarity. To the east, the mountains. The forests that close the

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Short circuit

To all appearances, these are just a few messy, abstract lines. The pencil rushed across the paper, scratching at the speed of the eye, leaving the conscience lagging behind. The image passed from the eye to the hand. The brain was short-circuited. I think we can talk about mindfulness and present moment when thoughts disappear

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