Art Prints

The art prints are there to allow you to acquire my paintings.
These are real-size copies of the original work, made by a specialized laboratory, each copy of which is controlled by me.

Signed an numbered

Each print is signed by hand and numbered in thirty copies. Once the last one is sold, the image will no longer be reprinted. I also write the date and location of the observation on each print.

Certificate of authenticity

It certifies that the print is an original, numbered, and that it was produced by a laboratory certified by Canson, according to the highest quality standards.

Paper et pigments

The prints are made on Canson Arches paper close to the one I use in the field, with pigments and techniques that guarantee a durability of at least 100 years.

Story of the image

I accompany each print with a story of the observation. This one or two pages document is illustrated with additional photos, sketches or watercolors. Available in French or English.

Available works

"The observed observer"

Tawny Owl
1900 NOK / 165 €

"Blind to the familiar"

Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls
1900 NOK / 165 €

"Spider web"

Long-tailed Tit
1900 NOK / 165 €

"Too much snow to dance"

1900 NOK / 165 €

"Still believing in spring"

Black Grouse
1900 NOK / 165 €