Birds, paper and wilderness

Birdwatching since childhood, my passion extended towards nature in all its diversity through my studies, jobs, projects and now my drawings.

What I truly mean when I say nature is Wilderness: a nature with as few human influences as possible. A nature that can freely thrive and evolve. A nature where you enter as a discreet observer and not as a ruler.

Sadly, this nature is rare if not missing, and the reasons why we need it are barely understood. We need to think long term, with patience and humility, values that are a real challenge nowadays.

So I draw, to learn how to see, to observe, for the happiness of using tools as simple as a pencil and paper to bring back memories of these observations. And if at the same time these images can arouse an interest, an emotion that leads to more respect and humility towards nature, then I will be the happiest.

Born in France, I now live in Norway for a few years but keep a deep connection with the nature of my home country.

In practice

I do not use photos. All my images take their source in the field.

Either the watercolor is finished during the observation, or the sketch only, with annotations on the colors and lights. In this case, once back in the warm, I trace it to put it on a watercolor sheet that I can paint from memory and thanks to the notes I wrote.

Between the sketch and the final watercolor can pass a few hours, days, months or years.

Fields originals stay with me

I never sell my field originals. Why ? I made these images outside, in the field, facing the animal, the landscape. They conceal an inimitable spontaneity, a unique accuracy. That’s what makes it my most prized possession. It is the most direct link to my observations, the most vivid memory and the raw material for all my subsequent work. For all these reasons, I never part with a pleinair sketch or watercolor. Would a photographer agree to sell you his memory card at the end of a superb photo session? However, I exhibit them, distribute them, repaint them on demand and make fine prints.


In order to purchase my pictures, you hve several options :

  • Order an orginal watercolor. I can repaint an image I have already made or any subject of your own choice.


  •  Buy a fine art print. They in limited numbers, of very high quality, and a reproduction as faithfull as possible of the original artwork.